Black Eyed Peas

Posted: January 20, 2010 in My Favourite Band

Hi, Joanna!

I’m sending you a photo of my favourite band, Black Eyed Peas. The group has got four
members, Will.I.Am, Alp.De.Ap and Taboo. The girl member of the band is called
Fergie Stacy. They are from Los Angeles,California. This band has made seven CDS.

Alp.De.Ap is in the left in the photo. He sings rap. He’s wearing a black and white
jacket and yellow t-shirt. Alp.De.Ap is short and black. He’s 35 and his hobby is
computers games.

Will.I.Am is on the left of  Alp.De.Ap. He’s the lead singer of the band. He has a
fantastic voice. Will.I.Am has got short brown  hair and big black eyes. He’s wearing a blue
jacket and yellow shirt. He’s 34 years old and he loves basketball.

Fergie is on the left of Will.I.Am. She’s the only girl in the band. She’s sings very well.
When she sings, the boys go crazy. Fergie is very nice. She has got long blonde hair.
She’s tall and pretty. She’s wearing a white top, red cap and blue jeans. She’s 34 years old and
she likes shopping.

Taboo is on the left of Fergie. He’s another singer in the band. He has got long dark hair,
and a white face. He’s wearing a black tracksuit. His hobbies are computer games and
surfing the internet.

My favourite song from this band is “Where is the love?” because the lyrics are very
beautiful, they talk about war and poverty and the music is very cool.

Send me a picture of your favourite band!
Love: Ana


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