Jonas Brothers

Posted: January 20, 2010 in My Favourite Band


I’m sending you a picture of Jonas Brothers, a famous american band.

The boy on the left is Kevin, he’s wearing a black jacket and jeans; next to him is Joe, he’s wearing also a black jacket and grey trousers. Finally, at the right, Nick’s wearing other jacket, grey jeans and yellow.

Paul Kevin Jonas is the biggest brother; he was born the fifth November of 1987 in Teaneck, NJ. His favourite colour is green and his favourite food is Sushi. He plays the guitar and Pole Vaulting.

Joseph Adams Jonas was born the 15ft August of 1982 in Casa Grande, AZ. His favourite colour is blue and he loves chicken sandwiches. He makes little films and his favourite sport is Wiffel Ball.

Nicholas Jerry Jonas was born the the 16th September of 1992 in Dalla, TX. His favourite colour also is blue and his favourtite foods are very type of meat. He likes writing sonds and the music in general. His favourite sport is Baseball.

My favourite song from this group is Paranoid because is the unique song which I eared from their band.

Carlos Hdez.


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