Posted: January 20, 2010 in My Favourite Band

My favourite band is Muse, they are fantastic.

The middle is Matthew Bellamy, is the composer and voice, and also plays guitar, keyboard and piano. He is dressed in white trousers, white shirt, black jacket, tie and black shoes. It has short black hair. His father, George Bellamy, was a member of the instrumental band, ‘The Tornados’, who had a big-selling hit single in 1962 with ‘Telstar’, which topped the charts both in America and theUK.

On the left is Chris Wolstenholme, plays the bass guitar, the keyboards and sings backing vocals. He is dressed in black pants, black trench coat and black trainers. It has short blond hair. Sometimes plays guitar or keyboard instead of bass, though the latter is occasionally handled by Morgan Nicholls during live performances. Played drums for a band, with Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard playing together in another. After two years of unsuccessful bassists in the band of the latter, Wolstenholme gave up the drums and joined them as bassist to create The Rocket Baby Dolls, embryo of the future renowned museums.

On the right is Dominic Howard, playing the drums and other percussion instruments. He is dressed in black pants, jacket and silver trainers. It has short blond hair. Matthew Bellamy met at school, and upon leaving the position of guitarist in the bands first, Bellamy comes into his place. Two years later, (and renamed the band “Gothic Plague”) and Howard Bellamy only in the band remain fixed until they are joined by a bassist a drummer in a band called “Fixed Penalty”, Chris Wolstenholme.

My favourite Muse song is “Bliss” because the writing is beautiful and the music has a lot of progress.


  1. Raquel says:

    Bliss is not my favorite song, but “Plug in baby”

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