The Jonas Brothers

Posted: January 20, 2010 in My Favourite Band

Hi teacher.

I’m sending you a photo of my favourite band, The Jonas Brothers. The group has got three members, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. I think they are fantastic.

Nick is on the left in the photo. He was born in September 1992. He plays the guitar, the piano, the drums, glockenspiel, cello and he is the singer and songwriter. He is wearing a black jacket, a hat and a scarf. He is seventeen and his hobbies are song writing, baseball and tennis.

Joe is in the middle. He was born in August 1989. He plays the tambourine, the guitar, piano, keyboard and he is singer and songwriter. He is wearing white trainers, black jeans a white shirt, a black waistcoat and a black tie. He is twenty and his hobbies are jogging, working out and cooking.

Kevin is on the right. He was born in November 1987. He plays the mandolin, the guitar and he is the vocalist. He is wearing black jeans, a blue shirt and a brown waistcoat. He is twenty two and his hobbies are playing the guitar and bowling.

My favourite song is a little bit longer because it is catchy, its tune and it lyrics are fantastic.

Send me a picture of your favourite band.



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