What is Vegemite?

Posted: January 25, 2010 in FROM AUSTRALIA

We have tried it, but what exactly is it?

Go to the official website to find out:


then go to these:

>kid’s corner>facts and fiction

>nutrition>what’s so good about vegemite?

Also try wikipedia/vegemite

for more information

And now the most important question is: Do you like Vegemite?

  1. Aylín García says:

    It was very good despite having a slightly strong flavor

  2. Carlos H. H. says:

    It’s edible, but it’s similar to eating bread with salt. It must be terrible for the heart.

  3. Celia Díaz Brito says:

    It looked all right but, I didn’t taste it.

  4. Marcos Alvarez says:

    disgusting!!!!!! (sorry Ardelia)

  5. Pepe Aguilera Toste says:

    It´s horrible, it seems nutella but strange

  6. Daniel Hernandez says:

    It was Horrible I didn’t like it at all!

  7. anya says:

    it was… more or less.

  8. Enrique Suarez says:

    it was….good

  9. Raquel Lima says:

    I don’t like it. It’s horrible!!

  10. maria says:

    It is diferent and it is good

  11. Ana Ascanio says:

    I didn’t taste the vegemite because I’d just had breakfast. I’m sorry :S

  12. Mischael says:

    It´s different, but I´dont like Vegemite, I think Nutella is better. Sorry 😦

  13. Jon says:


  14. Paula says:

    It is good,I like it =)

  15. carlos diaz encinoso says:

    I liked it,but I prefer the nutella

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