Combustion engine.

Posted: March 14, 2010 in TECHNOLOGY

Do you know the meaning of the word “engine”? Look it up at the dictionary.

Have a look to this video. It describes how a car engine works:

In the next video, you´ll find some information in Spanish. Listen carefully the explanation of  how an engine works:

Once you know how it works, watch the next video. It´s in English. Maybe, you won´t understand it completely, but I´m sure you will be able to answer this question:

Question: The guy doesn´t  use three of the following words. Which ones? Send me an e-mail with the answer.

a.- Lever.

b.- Piston.

c.- Wheelbarrow.

d.- Crank.

e.- Gear.

f.- Pulley.

g.- Valve.

  1. maria perez says:

    an engine is very complicated

  2. Celia says:

    I like so much the music of the first video !

  3. Mischael says:

    I like too much the song of the first video, I think it is better than the information 😛 ¡I´m joking! 🙂 The information is really useful and interesting.

  4. karla valenzuela says:

    the information is very interesting,but it is difficult

  5. javi diaz yanes says:

    it is very interesting

  6. aylín garcía on May 13, 2010 says:

    I also like the song of fist video

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