Tokio Hotel wins poll.

Posted: March 14, 2010 in ENGLISH

Tokio Hotel is our students’ favourite band with 13 votes. The Beatles and Jonas Brothers are close behind with 9 votes each. Here we have the video of the song “Monsoon” by Tokio Hotel

  1. aylín garcía says:

    I loved to complete the lyrics in class.

  2. Alba Hernández Castañeda says:

    It is the best band… in the world!!! I love it!!! It is my favourite(and Justin Bieber). Although I didn’t go to class that day I can imagine it.

  3. Mischael says:

    I think it is a good song. I really like it. Thanks for the video.

  4. jennifer,claudia and irene says:

    the video is very nice and the lyrics are very beautiful. The singer is really cool.

  5. Ana Ascanio says:

    I think it is an interesnting activity, I like the song but I prefer the beatles of cooouuurseee! ❤

  6. Celia says:

    I don’t like it very much :S
    I think that The Beatles are better than Tokio Hotel (and Jonas Brothers, of course).

  7. Anya Lima Hdez says:

    But Tokio Hotel is one of my favourite bands. I love them!! I like The Beatles, too, but I think Tokio Hotel are the best. They`re fantastic!

  8. karla valenzuela says:

    the video is very nice and the lyrics are very beautiful,but my favorite band is not this one.

  9. marta says:

    I don’t mind this group but I prefer The Beatles…
    …but this song is cool!!!

  10. carlos diaz encinoso says:

    I prefer the BEATLES OF COURSE,but the song is beautiful

  11. Paula says:

    I love Tokio Hotel!!The songs are very beautiful and the singer is amazing!!=)

  12. Jon says:

    It is a good song but it is a bit repetitive :@

  13. raquel says:

    I love Tokio Hotel and I love this song but I don’t think this song is the best by them.I don’t know if I like it more than The Beatles… ^^

  14. Pepe Aguilera Toste says:

    I don´t love tokio hotel but this song is good

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