Great Barrier Reef 2: Did you Know?

Posted: May 3, 2010 in FROM AUSTRALIA

Hey Guys,

Here are 3 places where you can learn more about the biggest reef in the world.

Did you find them interesting? Now check out this video…(try not to fall asleep!)

  1. Ana Ascanio says:

    I know a clothing brand called reef.
    Can we go to the GBR for the end of the year trip?

  2. jennifer says:

    I think it is a pity that this biodiversity was lost

  3. karla valenzuela says:

    It’s very interesting the sealife

  4. Celia Díaz Brito says:

    It’s so unbelievable

  5. carlos diaz encinoso says:

    in the minute 2:17 the fish is very interesting and the shark is very big

  6. aylín garcía on May 13, 2010 says:

    Very beautiful and also very interesting

  7. raquel lima says:

    it is very interesting and the reef is very beautiful

  8. anya lima says:

    the GBR is amazing!! the coral is very beautiful and the fish are very strange

  9. Paula says:

    The animals are really beautiful and The Great Barrier Reef is amazing!!

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