Who is your favourite Aussie Actor?

Posted: November 6, 2010 in FROM AUSTRALIA

Here is a list of my top ten favourite Aussie (=Australian) actors. Let’s find out more about them and then you can choose your favourite.
Click on the name and you’ll go straight to their Wikipedia page. There is a lot of reading, but obviously it is up to you how much you read…
1. Eric_Bana

2. Sam_Worthington

3. Toni_Colette

4. Alex_O’Loughlin

5. Simon_Baker

6. Cate_Blanchett

7. Rose_Byrne

8. Heath_Ledger

9. Hugh_Jackman

10. Nicole_Kidman

Here are some questions about the actors. Please answer and/or leave a comment:
1. Which actor is your favourite and why?
2. Which films of these actors have you seen?
3. Which of the films you have seen is your favourite? What is it about?
4. Have you seen any Australian films? Which ones?
5. Did you find anything you read about the actors suprising or interesting?
I hope you enjoy this month’s topic, and that you find it interesting.
Happy reading!!

  1. marta says:

    i didn’t know that these actors (an actresses) were aussies.

  2. Omar Rodriguez says:

    :S I don´t know many actors here!!

  3. Paula says:

    Ohh I like Hugh Jackman and Sam Worthington…
    I think Hugh Jackman acts very well in the movie Australia, I love this movie because the scenery is very beautiful.
    I know Sam Worthington for his role in avatar so I don’t know much about him.

  4. Mª del Pilar González García says:

    Hi! Of these actors, I only know Nicole Kidman, Sam Worthington and Eric Bana and they’re fantastic! After reading the biography of Simon Backer, I like him too.

  5. osar reyes johansson says:

    I didn`t know many of these actors.=)

  6. Jennifer says:

    I love the film AUstralia, by Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman:p I knew almost all the actors

  7. Daniel says:

    The best actor is Sam Worgthington in Avatar.

  8. karla valenzuela says:

    I like all actors and actresses, they are fantastic, but my favourite are nicole kidman, hugh jackman and simon baker:)

  9. Celia Díaz Brito says:

    I thought Heath Ledger is the man on the right.xD

  10. Ardelia says:

    Heath Ledger is the man on the left next to Mel Gibson (who is American but went to Australia when he was 12 with his family and started his acting career there!)
    If you read about Heath Ledger you will find out that unfortunately he died 2 years ago. Also you could read about Mel Gibson (wikipedia) and his life in Australia.
    Thanks for your comments!

  11. anya lima says:

    I think Sam Worthington is the best because one of my favourite films is Avatar and he is the protagonist, but I like other Aussie actors and actresses.

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